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Pinups can be really fun to draw and it looks like you had a lot of fun drawing this. A sexy lady in a dim lit room makes something about her very mysterious.

What I love about this piece are the slender legs and the details in the wallpaper. The legs are very feminine and I like the strong lines you put to define the right knee and her ankles. From what I can see in the toes, it is also very well done with lots of detail in the right areas. The wallpaper in the background is very interesting. I love the contrast between the purple and the yellow and the patterns is also very unique.

However, I believe that the upper part of her body, although a very good start with basic shapes, may still need some help. Going from top to bottom, starting with the head, her head is turned 3/4's to our right.

Usually as a rule of thumb, when the head is turned 3/4's any direction, this means we cannot see part of her face. I can see you did that with her ear however, this also means that one eye should apear closer than the other eye or, rather one eyes is bigger than the other. But I am very glad that you pointed the nose in the right direction, instead of the left, because she is facing right. Along with the eyes, the rule also goes with the lips: one side of the lip should be bigger than the other. The upper lip on the left side looks good but it the bottom lip should look bigger along with the upper lip.

Onto the hardest part that many people have trouble with: the breasts. Breasts should be though as water ballons filled with water rather than ballons filled with air. This is because breasts are fill with fat which means they droop. This will mean that cleavage won't appear with out something holding them together. Bold lines aren't really helpful with breast because it brings too much attention to them and makes them look less natural. I am not sure how you are trying to portray this figure though. With the background, it gives it more of an elegance to the piece but her breasts here take away the elegance. To give you more of an idea how breast fall, check out this tutorial: [link]
It was vert helpful to me.

As mentioned before, what are you trying to portray about this lady in this piece? Is she as elegant and mysterious I think she could be?

Again, this is a wonderful piece and anatomy and perspective is hard for anyone. Basic shapes are helpful tools but they don't do justice sometimes for bodies, especially S-curved lady bodies. Though, her legs do her much justice and the dim lighting is perfect for an intimate evening.

Keep up the good work!

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BenioxoXox Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Aww thank you for that critique, very true, I do understand that all you pointed out was so true, BUT mind one thing about breasts - I KNOW how breasts, when nude, look like, BUT at the same you should keep in mind that THIS drawing is actually "beta" version for the one with clothes - which means I gave it shape of Bra already. Sure, since I made this one a separate drawing, nude, I should have taken care of the breats, but at the same time I felt like that was unnececary as I just wanted upload it as "beta" which means unfinnished version of the drawing with clothes.

As for face, I totally agree I screwed up there a bit, but at the same time I had problem because I was using a real photography as for the proportions and such, and I didn't notice the angle was a bit different (yes, 3/4, but also a bit to down) so I had to in end "improvise" with it and it didn't work out well ^^"

As for easy shapes - Well, I rather use them because they look more smooth, but from times to times I use brushes, but I don't like the effect really, I rather smooth lines... plus, they're more "sexy" so for this drawing specificaly it was more fitting in my opinion.

Thanks for taking your time on this review! :)
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